Ed Cunningham won the CAI Silver Medal over the May Bank Holiday weekend with 11 wins out of 14 games. This was Ed's second win in 3 years. 2nd place was split between Mark McInerney, Simon Williams and Andrew Johnston. Alan McInerney was 5th, Patsy Fitzgerald 6th, Gerard Healy 7th and Evan Newall 8th.



  Name Current Position Games played Won Lost Triples TPO QP    
  Ed Cunningham 1 14 11 3 6 1      
  Mark McInerney 2 = 14 9 5 6        
  Simon Williams 2 = 14 9 5 4 1      
  Andrew Johnston 2 = 14 9 5 4        
  Alan McInerney 5 14 8 6 4  


  Patsy Fitzgerald 6 14 7 7 2        
  Gerard Healy 7 14 3 11 1        
  Evan Newell 8 14 0 14 0        
        56   27 2 1    




Match Report (Evan Newall)

Another strong contest for the Silver Medal with most players under the impression that the honour would soon be theirs. Palaeontologically steeped Mark looked invincible after winning his first four games in double quick time but then faltered against brother Alan in a long game, a result that was to be repeated for the second half of the draw. But Alan had already blotted his copy book by a single hoop in round three against Andrew and this precipitated a five way challenge with Patsy not far behind and regretting the ravages of pessimism on day one.

But slow starter Ed then proceeded to put together a string of 6 straight wins including all games on day two proving it is always a mistake to underestimate mountain walking and a supporters club as aids to winning croquet.Those who had dismissed the chances of the old champ now watched him stretch two games clear and this proved too much for the chasing pack despite raising their tripling rate to over 50% . Ed maintained his advantage to the line on day three despite a scare against Evan who had at that stage managed to win remarkably few games.

Simon, Andrew and Alan all had their chances but failure to complete triples at this standard is punished. Gerard also could have notched up more wins with completed triples and showed he is a competitive player on the way up.

The lawns were undoubtedly playing easily, and faster more challenging conditions can be expected later in the year. However it is noteworthy the speed that games are being completed and a lesson to all slow players. Times were kept for every game of the 56 played and the overall average was 1 hour 20 minutes with Mark averaging 64 minutes a game and Ed not far behind with 65 minutes.

So, the old champ has become the new champ again and thus concluded an essential and encouraging early start for the Irish team players that will culminate in August at the August World Championships in England.

Good luck to all concerned.