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Ireland beats the USA to retain the Carter trophy.



The four day test took place at Carrickmines on July 29th August 1st. A tightly fought contest ensued from the get go on Saturday as the USA took the upper hand in the contest with a 2-1 lead after the first day of doubles. Ireland looked to be struggling on the second day also and it looked at one stage as the Americans could have a 4-2 lead at the half way stage, but a sudden swing in the test saw the day finish 4-4 and the final doubles match was level at 1-1.


The third day was the first round of singles and turned out to be the decisive turning point for the Irish, some great battling qualities shown from Robert Barklie and Simon Williams to came back from a game down to win their respective matches and round up a six point clean sweep for the Irish. Stuart Jackson finish a tidy triple for the USA to take the decider of the last doubles match and leave a score of 10- 5 going into the final day.

With just one point required to ensure the trophy stayed on Irish soil it was taken care of early on Tuesday as Alan Mc Inerney finished up his second 2-0 victory in the test to secure the test result in favour of Ireland. In the other games on the final day, Mark Mc Inerney showed tremendous resolve and focus to come back from 1 game down and an in form Stuart Jackson to win his match against the number one seed. The final match result was Ireland 13 USA 8.


The captain and CAI wish to thank Evan Newell for his excellent management of the match, Linda Pullman for the super spread laid on the Saturday and Edwina and Niall Mc Inerney for a great night on Monday. Finally we thank the American team for the match and hope they enjoyed their trip. The Irish look forward to getting back to the USA for the next test.



Andrew Johnston





Robert Barklie
Patsy Fitzgerald
Andrew Johnston (C)
Alan McInerney
Mark McInerney
Simon Williams
Paul Bennett
Jim Butts
Doug Grimsley
Stewart Jackson
Johnny Mitchell
Andy Short
M McInerney/A McInerney beat    Short/Mitchell   +9, +17
Williams/Barklie        lost to Jackson/Grimsley -5, -26
Fitzgerald/Johnston     lost to Bennett/Butts    -7, +7, -2
M McInerney/A McInerney lost to Jackson/Grimsley -3, +18, -8tp
Fitzgerald/Johnston     beat    Short/Mitchell   +9, +4
Williams/Barklie        lost to Bennett/Butts    
Williams/Barklie        beat    Short/Mitchell   +6, +17
M McInerney/A McInerney beat    Bennett/Butts    +9, +3
Fitzgerald/Johnston     lost to Jackson/Grimsley -4, +2, -17tp
Mark McInerney   beat    Paul Bennett    +22, -17tp, +26
Simon Williams   beat    Stewart Jackson -17, +17, +26tp
Andrew Johnston  beat    Doug Grimsley   +26tp, -6tp,+16tp
Patsy Fitzgerald beat    Andy Short      +17, +13
Alan McInerney   beat    Johnny Mitchell +24tp, +14
Robert Barklie   beat    Jim Butts       -15, +1, +14
Mark McInernery  beat    Stewart Jackson -14otp, +13tp, +26tp
Simon Williams   lost to Paul Bennett    -19, -18stp
Andrew Johnston  beat    Andy Short      +15tp, +26
Patsy Fitzgerald lost to Doug Grimsley   -17, +13, -3
Alan McInerney   beat    Jim Butts       +13, +21
Robert Barklie   lost to Johnny Mitchell -10, -17
Ireland 13 USA 8