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Great Britain v Ireland

2-3 September 2006
Avery & Maugham beat M McInerney & Williams   +6tp(M) +7tpo(M)
Evans & Fulford beat Cunningham & Johnston    +26tp(F) +26tp(F)
Aiton & Wicks   beat Fitzgerald & A McInerney +21 -5 +14
David Maugham  lost to Mark McInerney     +25tp -26tp -4
Robert Fulford beat    Ed Cunningham      +6 +19tp
Mark Avery     beat    Simon Williams     +26tp +17tp
Keith Aiton    lost to Andrew Johnston    -26tp -10
Jack Wicks     lost to Alan McInerney     -16 +4 -26
Marcus Evans   lost to Patsy Fitzgerald   -6 -4
Robert Fulford beat    Mark McInerney     +26sxp +14otp
David Maugham  beat    Ed Cunningham      +17tp +13tpo
Keith Aiton    lost to Simon Williams     -6tp -26tp
Mark Avery     beat    AndrewJohnston     +15 +26tp
Marcus Evans   beat    Alan McInerney     +4tpo +16tp
Jack Wicks     lost to Patsy Fitzgerald   -9 -5
GB 9 Ireland 6