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2006 Resort Invitational (7-Jun -- 11-Jun)
Final Results and Report -- Tremaine Arkley

DAYS 4 & 5

Reg Bamford beat Peter Landrebe in the finals of the 
10th annual Resort Invitational in Welches, Oregon to 
win the first place prize of $3,500.00. Peter took 
home $2,000.00. Mark McInerney beat David Maugham to 
take home $1,000.00 and David $500.00.

The tournament again maintained its high degree of 
quality competition in an atmosphere and setting that 
took care of the players and their guests with many 
comforts and amenities.

The Friday night pizza salad feed was followed with 
some serious Texas Hold Em (chips only) poker games in 
the Tarten's Inn. 

At the Saturday night Player's Dinner each player and 
their guest had an opportunity to talk about 
themselves or anything on their mind. As usual Reg 
read original limericks for each player and the Resort 
owners and staff. This has become a welcomed tradition 
from Reg that keeps us in stitches!

Yours truly, unable to stop collection croquet stuff, 
has all the original limericks for five years and is 
planning a book of limericks with a caricature by a 
well know PNW illustrator about each player roasted. 
This will be a modern Oregon version of a Crowther 
type book of well know international croquet players 
who have been at the Resort.

Saturday June 10
Round 13
Clarke bt McInerney +6otp
Huneycutt bt Williams +10tp
Bamford bt Bidencope +10
Landrebe bt Bald +13tp

Round 14
McInerney bt Williams +25tp
Huneycutt bt Bamford +26tp
Maugham bt Bald +25tp
Landrebe bt Clarke +3otp

Round 15
Bald bt Huneycutt +26tp
Maugham bt Clarke +16tp
Bamford bt Williams +26qp
McInerney bt Bidencope +2tp

Round 16
Maugham bt Bidencope +25
Bamford bt Bald +26qp
Williams bt Landrebe +25tp
Huneycutt bt McInerney +26tp

Sunday June 11 AM
Round 17
Clarke bt Huneycutt +24tp
Maugham bt Williams +26tp
Landrebe bt Bidencope +22
McInerney bt Bamford +17tp

Round 18
Huneycutt bt Landrebe +14
Bamford bt Clarke +20qp
Maugham by McInerney +17
Bald bt Bidencope +4


11 Landrebe +134
11 Bamford +124
9 Maugham +65
9 McInerney +33
9 Huneycutt,  -7
7 Bald -40
7 Williams -50
6 Clarke -76
3 Bidencope -183

Best of three finals
between 1-2 & 3-4 block finishers:
 Bamford bt Landrebe +26sxp, 26sxp
 McInerney bt Maugham -26tp, +16tp, +13

Bamford $3,500.00
Landrebe $2,000.00
McInerney $1,000.00
Maugham $500.00

Final standing for those of you who sent in 
predictions of the order of finish for the jams and 

1. Bamford
2. Landrebe
3. McInerney
4. Maugham
5. Huneycutt
6. Bald
7. Williams
8. Clarke
9. Bidencope

- Tremaine Arkley
  Tournament Director