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Home Internationals 2007


Wrest Park 16-17 June

This years Irish F1 team was made up of Simon Williams, Ed Cunningham (team director), Patsy Fitzgerald, Charlie von Schmieder and Gerard Healy. Returning to the magnificent Wrest Park circuit, they had to contend with three strong selections from the other countries, plus uncertainty with the track conditions and tyre choices.

Wales vs. Ireland

The practise session against Wales set the tone for our results all weekend: Without his co-driver Rocket, Simons improved aerodynamics and weight advantage brought him a good win in a match featuring three triples. Fresh from his Co. Dublin Grand Prix victory a fortnight previously, Gerard had a comfortable time down at no.5 against veteran Pritchard. Ed started well but collided with the barrier in game 2 and did not take croquet for the rest of the match against an in-form Burridge. Patsys match was neck and neck all the way until an unforeseen pitstop in game 3 allowed Evans to pass, while Charlie's engine couldn't match the Williams-Mini sporting the CRO3UET registration.

Wales 3 Ireland 2

Sam Tudor lost to Simon Williams +26tp, -13tp, -26tp
Ian Burridge beat Ed Cunningham -26tp, +14, +26
John Evans beat Patsy Fitzgerald -13, +17, +11
Chris Williams beat Charlie v Schmieder +5, +17tp
William Prichard lost to Gerard Healy -9, -25


England vs. Ireland

In the qualifying session against England next, Ed unbelievably lost his keys and couldn't get out of the paddocks allowing Maugham to clock a lap record . The other 4 matches were struggling with the downpours so the safety car was brought out and the race director suspended the session that evening after the track became water-logged. The following morning, qualifying got underway again with the sun peeking out between the clouds. Patsy had a nasty collision at the first corner against Lines. Simon raced well, however his wet tyres allowed Fulfords slicks to pull ahead in the final game as the track dried out. Charlies transmission seemed to be giving trouble, getting stuck in neutral at critical stages, no such problems for Gerards Jaguar which cruised beautifully around the track in top gear.

England 4 Ireland 1

Robert Fulford beat Simon Williams +26tp, -6, +11sxp
David Maugham beat Ed Cunningham +26tp, +26tp
Ian Lines beat Patsy Fitzgerald +24tp, +26tp
Jack Wicks beat Charlie v Schmieder +15, +16
Ailsa Lines lost to Gerard Healy -10, -12


Scotland vs. Ireland

On to the race itself against the Scottish team who were doing well in the points this season. You have to question Simons choice of pedal-power when his chain fell off on the starting grid against Aiton who then set a new lap record. In the tight race for 2 nd, Ed braked too early coming into the last corner and Kirby emerged from his slipstream to take the flag. Patsys pitstop strategy paid off this time, overcoming Magee in a lovely tactical race. Charlie had another frustrating time with his engine, however he's just signed a new deal with a german manufacturer so will be hoping for a few podium places next season. Gerard managed to avoid the Irish debris on the track, well ahead of Murray who suffered a puncture. Gerards climb up the leaderboard is a remarkable return to form with several teams hoping to sign him for next year.

Scotland 3 Ireland 2

Keith Aiton beat Simon Williams +26tp, +26tp
Jonathan Kirby beat Ed Cunningham +6, -18, +6
David Magee lost to Patsy Fitzgerald -13, +20tp, -17
Strat Liddiard beat Charlie von Schmieder +9tp, +20
Martin Murray lost to Gerard Healy -13, -13tp

Final standings

1. England 3 points
2. Scotland 2 points
3. Wales 1 point
4. Ireland 0 point


Report by Ed Cunningham