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The Championship of Ireland 2007

Carrickmines- August 5th -12th


1. Championship of Ireland- Level Advanced singles.

Winner - Stephen Mulliner (UK)
Runner up - Chris Patmore (UK)

Result :+13tpo, +26qp


2. Doubles Championship

Winners - Stephen Mulliner and Will Gee (UK)
they won both halves of the draw so there was no final.


3. Handicap Singles

Winner - Kieran Murphy (Newcastle)
Runner up - Harry Johnston (Newcastle)


4. Handicap Doubles

Winners - Will Gee and Frank Martin
Runners up - Simon Williams and Richard Assaf (both Carrickmines)


5. The Green Cup (Level Advanced for Handicap 3-8)

Winner - Mark Callan (Australia)
Runner-up - Harry Johnston


6. U.S.C.A. Salver (Handicap 8-14)

Winner- William Gilchrist (Australia)
Runner-up - Frank Martin


7. The Newell Candlestick (Handicap 14 - 20)

Winner - Ben Harris (Newcastle)
Runner-up - Kieran Murphy

Results provided by Nathaniel Healy

Report to follow.