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The Irish Golf Croquet Championship

Carrickmines- September 14th -15th


Only 16 competitors entered, including visitors from England and New Zealand. Group play was followed by a best-of-three games draw.Weather was magnificent, and Patsy Fitzgerald retained his title with steady play. John McAuley won the plate event.

Simon Williams, Manager.

Results of draw:

First Round:

P. Fitzgerald (Meath) beat M. Dobbyn (Carrickmines) 7-0, 7-1,
C. Broderick (DUCC) beat S. Jones (England) 7-4, 7-5,
E. Cunningham (Newcastle) beat H. Johnston (Newcastle) 7-5, 7-3,
E. Stephens (New Zealand) beat J. O'Neill (Carrickmines) 7-3 7-3,
S. Williams (Carrickmines) beat M. Ansell (Herbert Park) 7-1 7-1,
B. Harris (jr) (Newcastle) beat L. Dungan (Carrickmines) 7-6 7-2,
K. Murphy (Newcastle) beat J. McAuley, sr (Carrickmines) 5-7 7-4 7-3,
E. Newell (Carrickmines) beat J. Wood (Carrickmines) 7-3 7-2.

Second Round:

Fitzgerald beat Broderick 7-4 7-2,
Stephens beat Cunningham 7-6 5-7 7-2,
Williams beat Harris 7-5 7-6,
Newell beat Murphy 7-3 7-4.


Fitzgerald beat Stephens 7-2 7-2, Williams beat Newell 6-7 7-6 7-4.


Fitzgerald beat Williams 5-7 7-5 7-4 7-1


Report Provided by Simon Williams

Croquet Association of Ireland: Newcastle House, Newcastle, Co. Wicklow, Ireland