Knock-out stage

The top four players in each group go forward into the knock-out stage, which begins on Thursday afternoon (6 September).  The knock-out stage will be seeded.  Following the conclusion of the block play and prior to the draw for the knock-out, a seeding committee will meet to decide the seeding for the 32 player knock-out.  Sixteen seeds will be chosen.   The initial WCF seeding list will be updated by the committee using the results obtained in the blocks.

Carrickmines schedule
Herbert Park schedule


Third/Fourth Place Play-off

Losing semi-finalistsThird Place
Jenny WilliamsHemat Moustafa
7-4, 7-5
Hemat Moustafa

Each of the losing semi-finalists receives a bronze medal.

Carrickmines Schedule


1500Glennis KittDallas Cooke
 Carole JacksonCreina Dawson
 Jill PopleIman El Farnsawi
 Abir MoustafaTamar Shorten
1630Jane PringleErica Stephens
 Mavis BrogdenValerie Armstrong
 Kath BurtJenny Williams
 Phyllis YoungJulie Hudson
1800Barbara LeemingHemat Moustafa
 Sherine HamdiCiara Byrne
 Christine PontJane Shorten
 Pat ErskineMarwa Moustafa


0900[C71 - cont] Christine PontJane Shorten
0930[C73] Manal Ali MohsenDallas Cooke
 [C74] Carole JacksonIman El Farnsawi
 [C75] Abir MoustafaErica Stephens
 [C76] Mavis BrogdenJenny Williams
1130[C77] Nahed HassanFreda Vitty
 [C78] Julie HudsonHemat Moustafa
 [C79] Sherine HamdiSalwa Saleh
 [C80] Marwa MoustafaChristine Pont
1330[C81] Barbara LeemingCiara Byrne
 [C82] Jane ShortenPat Erskine
 [C83] Josie JacksonIrene Burns
 [C84] Anne TavesAnne Oxton
1430[C85] Manal Ali MohsenIman El Farnsawi
 [C86] Winner of C75Winner of C76
 [C87] Loser C75Loser C73
 [C88] Loser C76Carole Jackson
1515[C89] Winner of C81Winner of C82
 [C90] Winner of C83Winner of C84
1600[C91] Loser of C77Loser of C78
 [C92] Loser of C79Loser of C80
1630[C93] Winner of C77Winner of C78
 [C94] Winner of C79Winner of C80
1715[C95] Loser of C81Loser of C82
 [C96] Loser of C83Loser of C84
1800[C97] Winner of C87Winner of C88
 [C98] Winner of C89Winner of C90
 [C99] Loser of C87Loser of C88
 [C100] Loser of C89Loser of C90

Herbert Park Schedule


1430Manal Ali MohsenJosie Jackson
 Nahed HassanIrene Burns
1600Freda VittyAnne Taves
 Anne OxtonSalwa Saleh


0930[H37] Rana El AlamiIrene Holloway
 [H38] Victoria BrowneLinda Pullman
1015[H39] Jackie ShannonVivienne Murphy
 [H40] Leo DunganYvonne Marrinan
1100[H41] Glennis KittCreina Dawson
 [H42] Jill PopleTamar Shorten
1145[H43] Jane PringleValerie Armstrong
 [H44] Kath BurtPhyllis Young
1230[H45] Winner of H37Winner of H38
 [H46] Winner of H39Winner of H40
1315[H47] Loser of H37Loser of H38
 [H48] Loser of H39Loser of H40
1400[H49] Winner of H41Winner of H42
 [H50] Winner of H43Winner of H44
1445[H51] Loser of H41Loser of H42
 [H52] Loser of H43Loser of H44
1530[H53] Winner of H45Winner of H49
 [H54] Winner of H46Winner of H50
1615[H55] Winner of H47Winner of H51
 [H56] Winner of H48Winner of H52
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