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Dublin Championships Day 3.

The third and final day of the Co. Dublin championships in Association Croquet. An exhibition of quality in a society cast adrift in mediocrity. The weather was muggy, Las Vegas-style humidity but dry conditions underfoot to facilitate a smooth ball strike.

Dublin Championships Day 2

Day 2 of the Co. Dublin's saw great croquet to the fore upon lawns of the customary quality one associates with the inestimable Simon Williams.  

The Duff Matthews Cup hints of the hops'n'barley chemistry that make Homer Simpson such a companionable boozehound, at least televisually. After draw and process games, Dave McGrath emerged with the lámh in uachtar (upper hand) agin redoubtable Carrickminder, Nigel Werner. The outcome provided solace for the adherent of the Celtic Football Club faith after a torturous season at the hands of Stephen Gerrard's Govan men.

Dublin Championships. Day 1

Day One of the County Dublin Croquet Championships at Carrickmines C & LTC featured a cast of talented technicians flourishing in a sun-kissed outdoor arena tailor-made for the cognoscenti of mallet and hoop. Vitamin D and croquet. What more could any one ask ?

On lawn 1, the Boxwell Cup (Handicap Singles) competition witnessed tactical supremo Martin Gilmartin strolling to a 26-0 win versus Dave McGrath. His win owed much to pure ball-striking and the temperament of a Buddhist monk.