CAI v Scottish CA Appleton Trophy results

CAI v Scottish CA Appleton Trophy results

The Croquet Association of Ireland won a close match against the Scottish Croquet Association for the Appleton Trophy at Carrickmines this past weekend (25-26 April 2009).  The match score was CAI 15, SCA 14.

Results in full (6 doubles games + 23 singles games; CAI names first):
Day 1:
Evan Newell & Paddy Furey bt Campbell Morrison & Alan Wilson +7T (18-11)
Nathaniel Healy & Ben Harris bt Fergus McInnes & Bill Spalding +23
Jane Shorten & Kieran Murphy lost to James Hopgood & Jamieson Walker-11T (12-23)
Evan Newell bt Fergus McInnes +26
Nathaniel Healy bt James Hopgood +4T (21-17)
Jane Shorten bt Campbell Morrison +23
Kieran Murphy lost to Alan Wilson -4
Ben Harris lost to Jamieson Walker -3T (17-20)
Paddy Furey lost to Bill Spalding -17

Evan Newell lost to Campbell Morrison -14
Nathaniel Healy bt Fergus McInnes +16
Jane Shorten lost to James Hopgood -7
Kieran Murphy bt Jamieson Walker +23
Ben Harris bt Bill Spalding +1T (21-20)
Paddy Furey lost to Alan Wilson -13

Day 2:

Evan Newell & Paddy Furey lost to Fergus McInnes & Bill Spalding -14
Conor Broderick & Ben Harris bt James Hopgood & Jamieson Walker +17
Jane Shorten & Kieran Murphy bt Campbell Morrison & Alan Wilson +9T (23-14)

Evan Newell lost to James Hopgood -19 -3
Conor Broderick bt Campbell Morrison +23 +14
Jane Shorten drew with Fergus McInnes -2T (20-22) +11T (24-13)
Kieran Murphy drew with Bill Spalding -6 +26
Ben Harris drew with Alan Wilson +5 -19TP
David McGrath lost to Jamieson Walker -14 [no time for a second game asDavid was drafted in at short notice when Paddy retired with a wrist injury]

For a Scottish report of this match check the SCA website. It will be posted there some time soon.