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Golf Croquet - European Championships 2024

The 2024 Golf Croquet European Championships started today, Thursday16th May, at Sussex County Croquet Club in Southwick, near Brighton, England. There are those who will question whether England is now in Europe but a similar refrain would issue, as to those who question emerging ideologies of the self: "You're anything you want to be, baby."
The England we know and love is home to magnificent 'ballers - like Bukayo Saka and Phil Foden, not to mention outstanding communities of croquet practitioners throughout its counties and shires.

CAI Selections for International Events 2024

The CAI Selectors are delighted to announce the following selections for International Events this summer.

AC Home Internationals, Southport, 8/9 June.
Simon Williams (Captain), Fiachra Carroll, Sandy Greig, Jane Morrison and Ian Vincent.

Women’s International v the SCA, Edinburgh, 29/30 June.
Jane Morrison (Captain), Karen Davidson Perrins, Yvonne Marrinan, Patricia Mulcahy, Celine O’Reilly, Hillary Whitty, Patricia Whitty and Clair Whyms.

Women’s European GC Open, Eastbourne, 1-4 August.
Karen Davidson Perrins, Yvonne Marrinan, Hillary Whitty, Patricia Whitty and Clair Whyms.

European AC Open, Carrickmines, 15-18 August.
Andrew Johnston (Ranking place), Nathaniel Healy and Simon Williams.

Selections for International Matches.

The CAI Selection Committee are pleased to announce the following selections for international matches between now and the end of May.

CAI Silver Medal, 27/28 April at Carrickmines.

Fiachra Carroll, Danny Johnston, Sandy Greig, Russell Harris, Nathaniel Healy, Alan Looney, Dave McGrath and Simon Williams.

Appleton Trophy, SCA v CAI, 11/12 May, Edinburgh.

Nathaniel Healy (Captain), Fiachra Carroll, Russell Harris, Jane Morrison, Fred Rogerson and Duncan Styles.

European Golf Croquet Open, 16-19 May, Southport.

Alan Looney, Rob O’Donoghue and Mark Stephens.