CAI result in World Ch Div 2. Txt by Txt

CAI result in World Ch Div 2. Txt by Txt

TXT 5: Ireland finish poorly against Wales losing 5-1. Captain Andrew Johnston earning the only point and maintaining his 100% record in the singles with a 2-1 win against Ian Burridge. Wales won the competition on a matches countback beating South Africa in 2nd place.

TXT 4: Ireland trail Wales 2-0 after day 1. A very frustrating day for all of us.

TXT 3: Ireland lose to South Africa 4-2. Some consolation in Captain Andrew Johnston beating World Champion Reg Bamford in a three game thriller.

TXT 2: End of first day against South Afica. Ireland 1 - South Africa 1.
Great qp turn from Ed to level the match.

TXT 1: Ireland complete a superb comeback, winning the play off to claim victory over Jersey. 4-3 the final score. Whole team delighted. Each player was playing someone ranked much higher. Roll on South Africa.