England win Home Internationals

England win Home Internationals

England convincingly won the Home Internationals Tournament in Glasgow last weekend, 13-14th June 2015.
Ireland were under pressure and only a great win by Jane in her third game against her Scottish opponent late on Sunday saved Ireland from the ignominy of the Wooden Spoon.
Read on for full match results.

The event was played in Kelvingrove in Glasgow, on lawns that were remade to accommodate the Lawn Bowls event in the Commonwealth Games last year. Glasgow Croquet Club returned to this ground this year after the games.


Position - Country - Tests - Matches - Games
1 - England - 3 - 13 - 26
2 - Wales - 2 - 8 - 20
3 - Ireland - 1 - 3 - 8
4 - Scotland - 0 - 4 - 12

Scotland 1 - England 4

Duncan Reeve beat David Maugham +26tp +26
Sam Murray lost to Samir Patel -26tp -17
Campbell Morrison lost to Jack Wicks -18tp -20
Martin Murray lost to Robin Brown -8tp -24tp
John Surgenor lost to James Hopgood -26tp -26tp

Ireland 0 - Wales 4

Simon Williams lost to David Walters -11 +25tp -26tp
Charlie von Schmeider lost to Chris Williams -5 -12
Nathaniel Healy lost to Ian Burridge -5tp -11tpo
Evan Newell lost to John Evans -4 -25
Jane Morrison v Richard Smith unfinished -24

England 4 - Wales 1

David Maugham beat David Walters +20 +26tp
Samir Patel beat Chris Williams +20tp +12tpo
Jack Wicks lost to Ian Burridge -1otp -26tp
Robin Brown beat John Evans +5 -17 +12tpo
James Hopgood beat Richard Smith +10qp +26tp

Scotland 2 - Ireland 3

Duncan Reeve beat Simon Williams -26tp +4 +12tpo
Sam Murray lost to Charlie von Schmeider -15 -6
Campbell Morrison beat Nathaniel Healy +17tp +17
Martin Murray lost to Evan Newell +25tp -25 -16
John Surgenor lost to Jane Morrison +26 -17 -16

Wales 3 - Scotland 1

David Walters lost to Duncan Reeve -26tp +26tp -17tp
Chris Williams beat Sam Murray +5tp +5
Ian Burridge beat Campbell Morrison -17 +15tp +17
John Evans beat Martin Murray +16tp +26tp
Richard Smith v John Surgenor unfinished +6 -26

Ireland 0 - England 5

Simon Williams lost to David Maugham -23tp -25qp
Charlie von Schmeider lost to Samir Patel -25tp -23tp
Nathaniel Healy lost to Jack Wicks -15tp -25
Evan Newell lost to Robin Brown -19tp -15tp
Jane Morrison lost to James Hopgood -26tp -17tp