Appleton Trophy Report

Appleton Trophy Report

This year's match between CAI and SCA for the Appleton Trophy (easily the  most handsome trophy on the croquet circuit) was played at the Meadows CC in Edinburgh last weekend. Ireland was the holder but was quickly under pressure as the Scots won all three doubles games on Saturday morning and kept up the pressure during the afternoon, so that at the end of play SCA had a 13 -5 lead. The only  Irish player with something to celebrate was Jane Morrison, who beat her husband, Campbell, in their singles game.
Again all doubles games were lost on Sunday morning and a final score of 22-8 was an emphatic victory for the home team.
The Scots were, as ever, excellent hosts and we were entertained to an excellent dinner on Saturday night, where much discussion was held about referendums past and future and CAI looks forward to next year's match.
The full results were:

SCA 22 CAI 8


1 Campbell Morrison & Bob Darling   beat Jane Morrison & Daniel Bennett   +10
2 Alan Wilson & Brian Durward         beat Evan Newell & Alan Looney          +12
3 John Surgenor & William Hadden  beat Nathaniel Healy & Sandy Greig     +5T(22-17)
4 Jane Morrison                   beat Alan Wilson                    +21
5 William Hadden                 beat Alan Looney                   +17
6 Campbell Morrison            beat Nathaniel Healy             +5
7 Evan Newell                      beat John Surgenor               +8T(22-14)
8 Brian Durward                   beat Daniel Bennett               +25
9 Sandy Greig                      beat Bob Darling                    +6T(14-8)
10 Alan Wilson                     beat Evan Newell                   +25
11 Jane Morrison                 beat Campbell Morrison         +16
12 John Surgenor                beat Nathaniel Healy              +11
13 Sandy Greig                   beat William Hadden               +6T(16-10)
14 Bob Darling                     beat Daniel Bennett                +15T(23-8)
15 Brian Durward                beat Alan Looney                    +14


Campbell Morrison & Bob Darling       beat Nathaniel Healy & Sandy Greig    +23tp(M)
17 John Surgenor & William Hadden  beat Evan Newell & Alan Looney          +9T(21-12)
18 Alan Wilson & Brian Durward        beat Jane Morrison & Daniel Bennett    +3T(24-21)
19 Evan Newell                     beat Campbell Morrison           +14
20 Jane Morrison                  beat John Surgenor                  +13T(22-9)
21 Alan Wilson                      beat Nathaniel Healy                +15
22 Brian Durward                  beat Sandy Greig                     +4T(23-19)
23 William Hadden                beat Daniel Bennett                  +13
24 Bob Darling                      beat Alan Looney                      +17
25 Campbell Morrison           beat Evan Newell                     +26tp
26 John Surgenor                 beat Jane Morrison                   +5
27 Nathaniel Healy               beat Alan Wilson                       +17
28 Bob Darling                      beat Alan Looney                      +10T(19-9)
29 William Hadden                beat Daniel Bennett                  +14T(19-5)
30 Brian Durward                  beat Sandy Greig                     +6T(22-16)