Advantages of CAI Membership

Advantages of CAI Membership


 An individual:

* aids the development and support of croquet throughout Ireland;

* has right of entry to C.A.I. individual events;

* has access to coach training and referee training;

* can hold an official croquet or golf croquet handicap;

* qualifies for selection to Irish teams, W.C.F. world events and E.C.F. European events;

* has access to advice and aid for lawn (re-)development;

* is eligible for a Player Development Bursary;

* has voting rights at an AGM/EGM;


A registered club:

 * is eligible for financial grants from the C.A.I.;

* has right of entry to C.A.I. inter-club events;

* has the right to be represented on the C.A.I. Council;

* club members registered as croquet players have all the rights of individual members.