Carrickmines Golf Croquet Open Weekend

Carrickmines Golf Croquet Open Weekend

This new event was played at Carrickmines on the 27th and 28th of May. Out of 31 entrants, 3 scratched before play began. Group play with 4 games for everybody was followed by a seeded play-off and a plate event for losers. To make sure of no delays, a shortened third game was the rule for the best-of-three matches. The management cannot have been too bad as there was very little squawking from the competitors.

Visitors came from England as well as Rushbrooke, Herbert Park and Newbridge House clubs. There were a lot of home club absentees, so this entry augurs well for future Opens.

Winner of the Harrison Cup, which dates from 1930, was Mark Stephens, who beat Simon Williams 7-6, 7-5. Highlights included Simon clearing Mark's ball from position at hoop #3 by running the hoop from behind hoop #4, followed by Mark running the hoop from the line. Mark also ran hoop #13 from the line to win this game. Gerard Osborne Burke beat Patricia Whitty (Rushbrooke) for 3rd place. Patricia took a game from Simon in their semi-final. Pamela Mulcahy from England won the Plate with 6 straight wins, with Geraldine O'Rourke (Carrickmines) in second place.

The weather was bright and sunny throughout, and playing conditions were good. Tea and coffee were provided twice daily, box lunches were available, and competitors kindly brought cake for teatime. Thanks to the bar staff also.

Simon Williams