McWeeney Trophy Results ( CAI vs CA)

McWeeney Trophy Results ( CAI vs CA)

The annual match between the CAI and the CA for the McWeeney Trophy was played last weekend at Carrickmines on wonderful lawns.  Weather was dull on Saturday but glorious sunshine prevailed on Sunday.
The Irish team was Robert Barklie, Evan Newell, Nathaniel Healy(C), Ben Reeves Smith, Gerard Osborn Burke and Padraig Thornton.  Our opponents were captained by Chris Patmore, who bore the heavy burden of a non-playing role.  His team were Phil Cordingly, Paul Rigge, Peter McDermott, Milke Porter, Abdul Ahmed and Neill Kellet.

On Saturday we played three rounds of doubles.McWeeney Trophy
Paul and Peter beat Nathaniel and Gerard
Phil and Abdul beat Robert and Padraig
Mike and Neil beat Evan and Ben

Evan and Ben beat Phil and Abdul
Nathaniel and Gerard beat Mike and Neil
Paul and Peter beat Robert and Padraig

Robert and Padraig beat Mike and Neil
Evan and Ben beat Paul and Peter
Phil and Abdul beat Nathaniel and Gerard

So the first day finished with score at 5-4 in favour of the CA, with each player to have three singles games next day.  We adjourned to the Gables restaurant for the evening.
On Sunday the depth of the English talent showed through.
Robert lost to Phil +10
lost to Paul +21stp
beat Peter +15

Evan beat Paul +5ot
lost to Phil +25
beat Neil +17

Nathaniel beat Peter +2 ot
beat Mike +5ot
lost to Phil +9

Ben lost to Mike +9ot
lost to Peter +26
lost to Abdul +19

Gerard lost to Abdul +7ot
lost to Neil +21
lost to Mike +26

Padraig lost to Neil +24
lost to Abdul +26
lost to Paul +15

So the Trophy returned to England.  This leaves each side with 14 wins and we look forward to next year's game.