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Irish Open Championships 2021 Day 2

Day 2 and cyclist supreme, Nigel Werner, is truly i mbarr a mhaitheasa (in the prime of his life) on the croquet lawns. He went round to penult' early doors in his handicap doubles morning opener before setting up his partner, Duncan Styles, in a great position to make hoop 1. The latter's tactical interjections belied his relatively new entry to the sport. A rapt Werner took on board the telling tactical observations as they plotted a collective path around the manicured surface. Styles' economical shot-making was to leave an imprint of class in a game of vacillating vicissitudes.

Irish Open Championships 2021 Day 1


Saturday, July 31st 2021 was destined to be a special moment in time. The Olympics of Irish association croquet (by way of the Irish Championships) started in earnest today at Carrickmines Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club.

2021 William Murphy Shield Rushbrooke

William Murphy Shield 19/06/21 Rushbrooke

There was another great turnout for this singles tournament at Rushbrooke.

Semi-finalists were Ken O Brien vs Mary O Connor on the top lawn and Colin Laffin vs Rory Canning from the middle lawn. 

There was a great standard of play again this week with play going to the death hoop again.

Colin Laffin won in the end but Ken O Brien put up a great challenge.

2021 Frewen Cup, Rushbrooke

12th June 2021 Frewen Cup, Rushbrooke Cork

This Tournament was held on a beautiful summer's day in West Cork.

Semifinalists: Rita Dennis and Tiernan O Rourke vs Patricia Whitty and Patrick Whitty from lawn 2. Roy O'Connor and Phil Doherty vs Hillary Whitty and Rory Canning from lawn 1.

There was a nail-biting final between Hillary Whitty and Rory Canning vs Roy O Connor and Phil Doherty with play going to the death hoop.

Roy O Connor and Phil Doherty won the day at the 13th hoop watched by a great crowd on a glorious day on Rushbrooke lawns.