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Croquet Suspended during Level 5 Restrictions

It is with regret that I must recommend the suspension of all croquet play under the Governments Level 5 Covid 19 measures . This follows the clarification from Sport Ireland to all Golf and tennis clubs that they must close and suspend all play.

CAI AGM Online 21st Sept 2020

All members of the Croquet Association of Ireland, either individually or through an affiliated club, are invited to join the Online Annual General Meeting at 7:30pm on Monday 21st September. This meeting will be held via Zoom.

If you would like to join please contact secretary or webcai email addresses at the bottom of every webpage and you will receive Zoom joining instructions and the business documents for the meeting ( 2019 minutes, Financial Report, Agenda ).

Irish Open Golf Croquet 2020 Results

The 2020 Golf Croquet Championship of Ireland under Covid conditions was won by Fred Rogerson at Carrickmines on Sunday 13th September, when he beat Mark Stephens 2/1 in the final. Alan Looney beat Simon Williams 2/1 in the third place play-off. 

The “Maggie Cup” for handicap doubles was won by Paul Armstrong and Ross Brennan from Yvonne Marrinan and Fred Rogerson. Clubs represented were Carrickmines, Herbert Park, Rushbrooke and Newbridge House.

Irish Open Golf Croquet Championship 2020

The Irish Open Golf Championship will be held on 11th - 13th September 2020 at Carrickmines Croquet & Lawn Tennis Club.

The first rounds of the doubles tournament will be held on Friday afternoon (2pm) and the singles will begin on Saturday at 9.30am.

Unfortunately, spectators are not allowed, but we hope to upload some video footage of the play. The current Champion, Patsy Fitzgerald, cannot play because of an injury but will be visiting to present the cup. 

Doubles Block Draw


Irish Open Doubles Championship 2020

Due to time restraints and player conflicts the Irish Championship Doubles final was played after the event.

The result of that delayed match was: 

Danny & Andrew Johnston beat Nathaniel Healy & Sandy Greig +15tp (AJ).

Irish Open Championship Results (Updated)

                                  FINAL  RESULTS
1. Singles Championship
    Danny Johnston beat Andrew Johnston +5tp, -26tp, +25tp.
2. Doubles Championship
     Danny & Andrew Johnston beat Nathaniel Healy & Sandy Greig +15tp (AJ). ( Played later. )
3. Green Cup
     G. Osborne Burke beat A. Looney 26 - 17.
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Photo Gallery 2020.

Irish Open Final Day report

Squeaky bum time at Carrickmines C & LTC as finals day dawned. The Clerk of the Weather saw to it that the atmospheric conditions matched the buoyant mood of all present. King Sol shed his genial beams o'er the scene.  

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Photo Gallery 2020.

Irish Open 2020 Day 7 report

Early morning on Day 7 and the competing Irish Open contingent @ Carrickmines are resplendent in their whites, evocative of Real Madrid but thankfully without the whiff of Francoism.
The concurrent Carrickmines Classic is a Tennis Ireland invite-only competition for the top 10 women and men tennis players in the country. A 3 day weekend event with a purse of €800 euro for both men and ladies. Federation and Davis Cup players are engaged in matches of extreme quality tennis on
the artificial grass. Look out for the Stirling University-based Ulsterman Peter Corrie (a serve and volley specialist) and counter-puncher Rachel McCrum.

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Irish Open Day6 report

Day 6 of the Irish Championships and both competitor and spectator alike have reached a point of fevered anticipation last seen in the country when a Polish goalkeeper (Karol Wojtyla) kissed the tarmac at Dublin Airport on account of a rumoured mint flavouring. The following event may not have actually taken place (W/O).

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Irish Open 2020 Day 5 report

Day 5 of the Irish Open was one for the purists; stellar croquet effortlessly delivered by a diverse collection of white-clad fashionistas. The sybaritic Simon Williams, very much a bassoon playing maestro, (and an alumnus of Trinity College Dublin just like Oscar Wilde, Danny Johnston and Bally'er's Joe Duffy) is already assured of his place in the pantheon of Irish croquet. How does one maintain motivation having already repeatedly plotted a successful course to the mountaintop ? We mere mortals may never know, yet our love and desire to spread the gospel of croquet is commensurate with that of a Born Again convertee, freshly dunked in the cooling waters of southern Alabama.

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