Championship Winners

Championship Winners

Singles Championships of Ireland

2023 D. Johnston
2022 D. Johnston
2021 A. Johnston
2020 D. Johnston
2019 A. Johnston
2018 S. Williams
2017 A. Johnston
2016 S. Williams
2015 A. Johnston
2014 D. Johnston
2013 D. Johnston
2012 A. Johnston
2011 B. Rothman (USA)
2010 B. Rothman (USA)
2009Stephen Mulliner
2008S. Williams
2007Stephen Mulliner (UK)
2006M. J. McInerney
2004M. J. McInerney
2003S. Williams
2002R.N. McInerney
2001S. Williams
2000A.E. Cunningham
1999M. Burrow (Jersey)
1998S. Williams
1997R.N. McInerney
1996R.N. McInerney
1995A.E. Cunningham
1994G. Noble (Eng)
1993A.J. Westerby (NZ)
1992F.J. Rogerson
1991Lewis Palmer (Wal)
1990J.E. Guest (Eng)
1989C.M. von Schmieder
1988S. Williams
1987F.J. Rogerson
1986G.P.N. Healy
1985T.O. Read
1984G.P.N. Healy
1983C.M. von Schmieder
1982T.O. Read
1981R.J. Murfitt (NZ)
1980T.O. Read
1979T.O. Read
1978T.O. Read
1977T.O. Read
1976T.O. Read
1975T.O. Read
1974T.O. Read
1973T.O. Read
1972T.O. Read
1971D.B. O'Connor
1970Mrs J. Jarden (NZ)
1969D.B. O'Connor
1968D.B. O'Connor
1967D.F. Strachen
1966D.F. Strachen
1965D.F. Strachen
1964D.F. Strachen
1963D.F. Strachen
1962Capt H.G. Stoker
1961R.J. Leonard
1960Lady Fitzgerald
1959Mrs E. Leonard
1958Mrs K.E. Longman
1957Cmdr W.S. Beamish
1956P. Duff Mathews & W. Kirk (NZ) (divided)
1955Col. W.S. Beamish
1954P. Duff Mathews
1953P. Duff Mathews
1952P. Duff Mathews
1951G.M. Fitzpatrick
1950G.M. Fitzpatrick
1949P. Duff Mathews
1948P. Duff Mathews (won trophy outright)*
1947P. Duff Mathews
1946G.M. Fitzpatrick
1945P. Duff Mathews
1944P. Duff Mathews
1943P. Duff Mathews
1942Mrs W.R. Fitzgerald
1941B.T. O'Reilly
1940Mrs W.R. Fitzgerald
1939P. Duff Mathews
1938D. Hopkins
1937J.C. Windsor (Aus)
1926H. Corbally (outright winner)
1925H. Corbally
1924H. Corbally
1923H. Corbally
1922W.F. Pim
1921R. Willington
1920J.A. McMordie
1919J.A. McMordie
1918No competition
1917No competition
1916No competition
1915No competition
1914W.F. Pim
1913H. Corbally
1912R.C.J. Beaton
1911C. Corbally
1910R.C.J. Beaton
1909R.C.J. Beaton
1908R.C.J. Beaton
1907Talbot J. Considine
1906C. Corbally
1905H. Corbally
1904R.C.J. Beaton
1903C. Corbally
1902R.N. Roper
1901C. Corbally
1900R.N. Roper
* Re-presented it as Duff Mathews Perpetual Trophy

Doubles Championships of Ireland

2023 A. Johnston & D. Johnston
2022 A. Johnston & D. Johnston
2021 A. Johnston & D. Johnston
2020 A. Johnston & D. Johnston
2019 A. Maugham & D. Maugham (UK)
2018 N. Healy & D. Johnston
2017 A. Johnston & D. Johnston
2016 J. Clingan & S. Williams
2015 A. Johnston & D. Johnston
2014 D. Bent (USA) & A. Johnston
2013 D. Bent (USA) & A. Johnston
2012 D. Johnston & K. Murphy
2011 M. McInerney & S. Williams
2010 A. Johnston & C. Broderick
2009Andrew Johnston & Conor Broderick
2008S.Williams and P.Fitzgerald
2007Stephen Mulliner and Will Gee (UK)
2006R.N. & M.J. McInerney
2005R.N. & A.E. McInerney
2004D. Bulloch (NZ) & A. Hobbs (RSA)
2003R.N. & A.E. McInerney
2002P. Fitzgerald & A. Johnston
2001M. Burrow(Jer) & M.J. McInerney
2000S. Burrow(Jer) & S. Mulliner(Eng)
1999E.G.-B. Newell & R. Rogerson
1998M. O'Connell (Sco) & S. Williams
1997R.N. McInerney & M.E. O'Shaughnessy
1996M. O'Connell (Sco) & S. Williams
1995A.E. Cunningham & S.Williams
1994G. Noble & A.Palmer (Eng)
1993A.E. Cunningham & S. Williams
1992A.E. Cunningham & S. Williams
1991P. Eardley (Eng) & J.E. Guest (Eng)
1990M.E. O Shaughnessy & S. Williams

C. A. I. Silver Medal

2009Andrew Johnston
2008E. Cunningham
2007E. Cunningham
2006M. J McInerney
2005E. Cunningham
2004M. J McInerney
2003E. Cunningham
2002R.N. McInerney
2001M.J. McInerney
2000E. Cunningham
1999S. Williams
1998J.I.A. Shorten
1996no competition
1995C.S. (Charlie) von Schmieder
1993no competition
1992F.J. Rogerson, M.A.Saurin & S.Williams (tied)
1991no competition
1990C.M. von Schmieder & S. Williams (tied)
1989no competition
1988C.M. von Schmieder
1987C.J. Irwin

South Leinster Open Championship

2023 D. Maugham
2022 R. Harris
2021 A. Johnston
2020 Not Held
2019 Not Held
2018 Not Held
2017 S. Williams
2016 E. Newell
2015 Not Held
2014 Not Held
2013 Not Held
2012 A. Johnston
2011 S. Williams
2010 Not Held
2009Not Held
2008G.P.N. Healy
2007A. Johnston
2006M. McInerney
2004A. Johnston
2003M. Suter

Irish Golf Croquet Championships

2022S. Williams
2021M. Stephens
2020P.D. Fitzgerald
2019P.D. Fitzgerald
2018H. Dodge
2017P.D. Fitzgerald
2016J. Clingan
2015J. Clingan
2014S. Williams
2013P.D. Fitzgerald
2012P.D. Fitzgerald
2011A.E. Cunningham
2010A.E. Cunningham
2009S. Williams
2008P. Fitzgerald
2007P. Fitzgerald
2006P. Fitzgerald
2005S. Williams
2004. Moore (Eng.)
2003M.J. McInerney
2002A. Johnston
2001A.E. Cunningham
2000E.G.-B. Newell
1999R. Rogerson
1998M.J. McInerney
1997S. Williams

Championships of County Dublin

2023 S. Williams
2022 D. Johnston
2021 D. Johnston
2020 Not Played
2019 S. Williams
2018 S. Williams
2017 S. Williams
2016 D. Johnston
2015 S. Williams
2014 D. Johnston
2013 D. Johnston
2012 S. Williams
2011 M. McInerney
2010 S. Williams
2009Ed Cunningham
2008S. Williams
2007G. Healy
2006S. Williams
2005A.E. Cunningham
2004A. Johnston
2003R.N. McInerney
2002M. Suter
2001A.E. Cunningham
2000A.E. Cunningham
1999E. Newall
1998A.E. McInerney
1997A.E. Cunningham
1996R.N. McInerney
1995R.N. McInerney
1994A.E. Cunningham
1993R.N. McInerney
1992S. Williams

Irish Masters Cyril Corbally Cup

2009Ed Cuningham
2008S. Williams

Irish Masters Herbert Corbally Cup

2009 Michael O'Shaughnessy
2008E.G.B. Newell

CAI Bronze Medal

2009No competition
2008J.I.A. Shorten
2007H.N. Healy
2006J.I.A. Shorten