GB v Ireland Match Result

GB v Ireland Match Result

Great Britain vs Ireland Croquet Match, September 3rd/4th 2011

Great Britain 3
Ireland 3
This was the score at Nailsea, near Bristol on the second day after a disappointing 7/1 defeat on the first day.

On the opening day, beautiful weather and good conditions, the hosts took advantage of match competitions through the summer to win two doubles in the morning and five of the six singles in the afternoon and evening. Sadly the score does not reflect how narrow some of their wins were, best described as “photo – finishes”.
Both teams enjoyed the craic and good food at the Indian restaurant on Saturday night at Nailsea.

On Sunday, the second day, the Irish commitment restored pride playing with confidence and patience. Kieran Murphy was meticulous and won his singles both days from more experienced opponents. Danny Johnson put his heart into winning the third game with style. One of the pivotal moments was Ed Cunningham taking full advantage of his opponents mistake just before pegging out, to run twelve hoops with black and peeled blue through two to win the singles.

Simon Williams has an infectious enthusiasm for the game. Andrew Johnson sets high standards, always looking for improvements. Connor Broderick did the basics well and will deliver in the future. All the team members have acute minds and honesty.

The Nailsea Committee extended a very warm welcome, lunch both days with tea and scones at four.
The final score:
Great Britain 10
Ireland 4

Joe Mc Gowan,
Captain of Croquet at Carrickmines Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club.