New CAI Website launched March 27th 2008, 16:35

New CAI Website launched March 27th 2008, 16:35

The new site has been provisionally launched today. The old site may be reached at

The site should have all the links correctly constructed apart from a few pages on this site or on other sites referenced that have been removed. If your page does not seem correct, or not the up to date page, please click on ctrl-F5 or the Reload Current Page on the toolbar of your browser to ensure you are looking at the most recent page on the site and not the page in your browser's memory.

Please send any items that require attention to webcai at croquetireland dot com, ( put in the @ and . please as normal. This inconvenience greatly reduces the spam the site gets).

I hope to integrate some of the important earlier information into the new format as time permits and pressure from our viewers might encourage.

If it looks wrong on your operating system and your browser, after clearing the browser memory, please let me know what you see, and what operating system ( NT, Mac, Linux, Vista etc) and browser ( Internet explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, etc.) you are using. Unfortunately every combination can choose to interpret the internet standards to its own advantage. I'll do my best to address problems seen in the major browsers.