2008 South Leinster Result

2008 South Leinster Result

The S. Leinster Open was held at Newcastle on Sunday - the first completely dry day in several weeks.  There were only 5 entries, so a single block was played with Gerrad Healy the eventual winner.
In the morning Simon Williams took a commanding position with plus26tp wins over Jane Shorten and Campbell Morrison.  In his game against Nathaniel he went for a quintuple peg out and completed all the peels but missed the rush after Rover.
After luch the lawns became considerably faster, leading to much overrunning of hoop approaches - lunch itself may also have played a part in this!
In the crucial game of the block Gerard pegged out Simon and himself with his other ball for 4back while Simon was for 2.  This proved an unassailable advantage.

Results were        ;-
Simon beat Jane Shorten plus26tp
Campbell Morrison plus26tp
Nathaniel Healy plus26.

Gerard Healy beat Simon Williams plus 8
Nathaniel Healy plus 25
Campbell Morrison plus26

Jane Shorten beat Campbell Morrison plus 7
Gerard Healy plus26

Campbell Morrison beat Nathaniel Healy plus11ot

Nathaniel Healy beat Jane Shorten plus18