Carrickmines 5 - Trinity 0

Carrickmines 5 - Trinity 0

It was a convincing Carrickmines victory on a late summer afternoon at Carrickmines. Not even the vocal support of alumnus Simon Williams could spur on the Trinity team and Jane & Michael beat Kieran & Danny in 4 singles games. David McGrath completed the match with a good win over Daniel Isemann in an epic level play match.

The Peter Browne trophy stays with Carrickmines for the moment but with Kieran & Danny in their first year in Trinity this match is going to become much tougher in future years.

Jane Shorten beat Kieran Murphy +8

Michael O’Shaughnessy beat Danny Johnston +17

Jane Shorten beat Danny Johnston +17

Michael O’Shaughnessy beat Kieran Murphy +13

David McGrath beat Daniel Isemann +16