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2018 Over 50 Golf Croquet World Championship

This will be held at the Egyptian Croquet Federation in Cairo, Egypt from Saturday, 6 October to Saturday, 13 October 2018. The maximum Event Capacity will be 48.

All wishing to be nominated for a place or wild card in this event, please respond to before April, with the word "selectors" or "selection" in the subject.

Coaching Course March 2018

Cliff Jones, Director of the C.A Coaching Academy, has accepted an invitation to travel to Ireland to give AC coaching to members of the C.A.I in March 2018 at Carrickmines.

Wednesday Thursday & Friday 14 March  to 16 March 2018

LEAD COACH :  Cliff Jones
SECRETARY    :  Martin Gilmartin Email:

Handicaps categorised under 3 Groupings:
GROUP A  -  Restricted to handicaps 20 to 15
GROUP B  -  Restricted to handicaps 14 to 06
GROUP C  -  Restricted to handicaps 5.5 > lower

Croquet in TCD 1960s

James Wyse recalls his introduction to croquet in Trinity College Dublin in the late 60s and his return to the sport 36 years later. Read here.

See recent photo of the relocated Magnetic Observatory at UCD here.