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2008 CAI Silver & Bronze Medals

A revised format combined this years Silver and Bronze Medals held in Carrickmines under sunny skies. 9 players pitched into one block all-play-all, followed by a best-of-three final match between the top two players. Firm hoops challenged any sloppy play but on the other hand the lawns were quite easy-paced.

Captain’s report of CA vs. CAI juniors match in Nottingham.

A familiar looking CAI Juniors team travelled to Nottingham with high hopes of overturning the CA team that won the inaugural competition the year before. This year was a mix of both golf croquet and handicap, the latter representing a great opportunity for us against some of the CA players with low handicaps.

Irish Youths lose out in Nottingham - Result Details.

The Irish Youths team battled well before losing out to England 39-22. The match was a mix of both Golf Croquet and Association Croquet creating a good test of all round Croquet skill. Congratulations to the team for a great effort.

Council Members Needed

Two members of the Council have indicated that they will not stand for re-election at the next AGM, leaving only five. Our Constitution states that there shall be eight members and that a quorum for a meeting shall be five, so that the absence of one member destroys the authority of the meeting.
Besides this formal point, there is a great deal of work to be done in regulating and planning for the development of croquet in Ireland..
Of the present members, four are A class players, whose personal focus is on competitive and international play.

Draw for Irish Masters Championship announced

The draw for the Irish Master's Championship has been announced and can be seen on the Master's Page. The results table on that page will be updated shortly after each round. A PDF showing the full rules, dates and the draw can be downloaded from that page also.

Ireland vs Jersey Result

Carrickmines 12-13 April
20 (singles)games

tony and james lemoignan beat simon williams and evan newell +26tp(tony)
richard griffiths & gavin carter beat ed cunningham & nathaniel healy +1 otp(ed)

tony lemoignan beat ed cunningham +25 -26tp +26tp
simon williams beat richard griffiths +6 +11
nathaniel healy beat gavin carter -2tp +21 +11ot
james lemoignan beat michael o''shaughnessy +22 +24

tony lemoignan beat simon williams -17tp +26tp +12tpo
ed cunningham beat richard griffiths -20 +5 +24
gavin carter beat michael o'shaughnessy +17 +26
gerard healy beat james lemoignan +4 +12tp


The Season Begins

With the change to summer time the new season has now got under way.

Club nights on Thursday evenings at Carrickmines have started.

Newcastle CC is now back up and running on Thursday evenings until dark. Some of the younger players have been getting in some practise. Newcastle extends a warm welcome to visitors to come and play. Harry's and Nathaniel's lawns should be in good playable shape from this week.

Carrickmines. March 23-4. 14-point handicap results

Why were there just 13 entries - including two no-shows - for this attractive event.
Kiaran Murphy won, with 8 wins from 10 games. Danny Johnston completed his first triple peel (without bisques). Daniel Eismann (Dublin University) played in his first tournament.
There was an international presence in the form of Campbell Morrison. Ed Cunningham won the Sunday prize (Easter egg) and Simon Williams the Monday prize (whiskey). Kiaran's prize was a voucher for the Trentuno cafe.
Mary Dobbyn obtained the excellent cakes that we enjoyed at tea-time.

Reporter : Simon.

Team Selection for Jersey Match 12/13 April

The team selected to play Jersey on 12/13 April at Carickmines is
Ed Cunningham (C)
Simon Williams
Gerard Healy
Michael O'Shaughnessy
Sub. Nathaniel Healy

As this is the first international of the year do come and support your team