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Annual General Meeting

A well attended Annual General Meeting of the Association was held at Carrickmines on 2nd August.
In his opening address the President, Robert Barklie, referred to the major events of 2007 being the hosting of the Women's World GC Championships and the establishment of the Junior match against the CA as the hight points.  He congratulated Council for re-establishing the relationship with the Irish Sports Council and looked forward to the unveiling of the strategic review later this month.  He also paid tribute to the late Michael Solomons, a founder member of Herbert Park CC, who passe

Andrew on Ireland AM - video clip

Today, 31st July, Andrew was on Ireland AM with Russell, Conor, Isaac and Mathew in support to discuss croquet and the start of the Irish Open on Saturday.
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McWeeney Trophy Results ( CAI vs CA)

The annual match between the CAI and the CA for the McWeeney Trophy was played last weekend at Carrickmines on wonderful lawns.  Weather was dull on Saturday but glorious sunshine prevailed on Sunday.
The Irish team was Robert Barklie, Evan Newell, Nathaniel Healy(C), Ben Reeves Smith, Gerard Osborn Burke and Padraig Thornton.  Our opponents were captained by Chris Patmore, who bore the heavy burden of a non-playing role.  His team were Phil Cordingly, Paul Rigge, Peter McDermott, Milke Porter, Abdul Ahmed and Neill Kellet.

On Saturday we played three rounds of doubles.

Williams takes the outright lead in Division 1 of the Irish Masters Championship.

In a sun soaked and action packed day at Carrickmines CLTC, the Irish Masters event  began to hot up as it draws to its conclusion. With only a couple of rounds left before the finals, Simon Williams maintained his 100% record by dispatching Conor Broderick and Gerard Healy during the week (the latter with a TPO and a sextuple peel). He then promptly beat Andrew Johnston in two games on Sunday.

The Team for the McWeeney Trophy

The team to play the CA on 26/27 July in Carrickmines is as follows:-Robert Barklie 0,Evan Newell 0,Nathaniel Healy 0,
Ben Reeves Smith 3,Gerard Osborne Burke 9,Padraig Thornton 7

2008 South Leinster Result

The S. Leinster Open was held at Newcastle on Sunday - the first completely dry day in several weeks.  There were only 5 entries, so a single block was played with Gerrad Healy the eventual winner.
In the morning Simon Williams took a commanding position with plus26tp wins over Jane Shorten and Campbell Morrison.  In his game against Nathaniel he went for a quintuple peg out and completed all the peels but missed the rush after Rover.
After luch the lawns became considerably faster, leading to much overrunning of hoop approaches - lunch itself may also have played a part in this!

Murphy, Harris and Newell hit the top of Division 2 in the Irish Masters Event, now joined by Robert Barklie

Irish Masters Update Rounds 3 & 4.

On a weekend where Division 1 was washed out and most of the games forced to be completed outside the assigned time, it was Division 2 where all the excitement was. Kieran Murphy had an excellent weekend keeping a 100% record for the weekend including a hard fought late comeback against Jane Shorten and two grudge match victories over Danny Johnston and Ben Reeves Smyth.

Home Internationals Report

This years team for the Home Internationals consisted of Ed Cunningham, Andy Johnston, Simon Williams, Patsy Fitzgerald and Gerard Healy playing in that order.

The opposition is never easy at this event, especially at positions 1 and 2. Ed and Andy were a little disappointed to both finish on 0/3. They had chances against their higher-ranked opponents but weren't able to capitalise.

Dublin Championships - Results 2008

Championship of Co. Dublin (Railway Cup)    Winner - Simon Williams    Runner Up - Patsy Fitzgerald

Doubles Championship (Coronation Bowls)   Winners - Simon Williams and David McGrath     Runners Up - Alice and Ben Reeves Smith

Handicap Singles (Boxwell Cup)     Winner - Martin Stephenson     Runner Up - Carl von Schmieder

Advanced Play (Duff Mathews Cup)     Winner - Campbell Morrison     Runner Up - John Swabey

Mirabeau Trophy    Winner - Jane O'Neill     Runner Up - Gerard Osborn Burke